Social Housing

Social Housing

National Housing and Homelessness Agreement

The Government is introducing a new National Housing and Homelessness Agreement with the states and territories to improve housing and homelessness outcomes for all Australians across the housing spectrum, particularly those most in need.

National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation

The Government is establishing the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation – a new corporate entity which will strengthen efforts to improve housing outcomes for Australians. The NHFIC will administer:

  • A $1 billion National Housing Infrastructure Facility (NHIF) which will help to finance the critical infrastructure that is needed to unlock and accelerate new housing supply, particularly affordable housing.
  • An affordable housing bond aggregator which will improve the efficiency of financing for community housing providers, enabling them to improve housing outcomes for their clients.

Social Impact Investing

The Government is committed to developing a strong Social Impact Investing market in Australia. We will partner with the states and territories and other stakeholders to trial Social Impact Investing to determine the effectiveness of outcomes-focused investing in improving housing and welfare for young people.

Tax incentive for investing in affordable housing

From 1 January 2018, the Government will provide an additional 10 per cent capital gains tax discount to resident individuals investing in qualifying affordable housing. Qualifying investors in affordable housing will be eligible for a CGT discount of up to 60 per cent. To be considered affordable housing, an investment property must be an eligible dwelling that is managed for rent through a registered community housing provider (CHP) for a minimum period of three years.

The 'Homes for Homes' Initiative

The Government is investing $6 million in The Big Issue’s Homes for Homes initiative – a voluntary scheme which allows homeowners and organisations involved in property transactions to donate 0.1 per cent of the sale price of a property to Homes for Homes when a participating property is sold. Under this initiative, individual homeowners and property developers can help those who do not have a roof over their head.